About Grace


Hey there!

I'm the Grace in Adulting Gracefully. After graduating, I realized I was prepared to be an adult professionally, but not mentally and defintiely not emotionally.

Like any post grad girl, lost in an adult world, I thought I would start a blog for all those to see. Unlike most bloggers, I am not sure this will be a great idea but I like writing and looking productive so my mom doesn't ask me to clean my room. (Did I mention I live at home?) If anything, this blog is relatable to anyone in the grown-up world confused on how they got there.

The goal of this blog is to write the words that I need to hear myself and think that maybe others might too. 100% of the posts are on subjects I have not mastered but am learning the importance of. I promise to be transparent, honest, and pretty corny.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope we can figure out this adulting thing together.



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