Quiet Echos

If you’re one of the wonderful people who keep up with this blog, you may have noticed I’ve become MIA. From a few posts a week to one a month to one every few months. I stopped writing. Honestly, it’s because I felt like I haven’t been qualified to write about anything. I’m not a relationship expert or a theological scholar or a marketing guru. I can’t tell you what God wants for your life or what your next step is.

So tonight I opened up my computer to write. I wasn’t sure what I needed to write about but I have had this desire to prove whatever was telling me I didn’t have anything valuable to say that it was wrong. Adulting Gracefully was born from words that I needed to hear myself, knowing others might need to hear them too. So tonight it’s fitting that I write about feeling inadequate.

You’re not good enough. 

You’re not smart enough. 

You’re not _______. 

Fill in the blank. I bet it’s easy. It’s easy to see what we are lacking simply because we are human but also because we buy into the lies. The lie that we have to be everything to everyone. The lie that we better have it all together ASAP because messy isn’t acceptable. The lie that if you don’t know the answer, don’t even bother to speak. But here’s the thing, those little lies that echo quietly in our mind turn into loud monsters, don’t they?

Maybe someone once told you an identity altering lie about yourself. Maybe you thought one up and secretly worried if it was true. Maybe you don’t even know where it came from but you just don’t feel good enough. Man, I just think about how much it’s breaking God’s heart that his children think these things. That they don’t write because they don’t feel qualified. That they don’t sing because they worry they aren’t good enough. That they stay quiet because they’re worried no one else will agree.

I just feel like God needs us to know: we are good enough, simply because He is good enough. 

He looks at all of us beaming with pride of the skills and talents He gave us. Thinking “I did that. That is my creation. Look how beautiful.” But we let the lies and fears quietly echo in our minds until they can drown out our confidence.

But we don’t need to be everything to everyone. We don’t need to be perfect despite the pressure to be. We are allowed to be messy and not have it all together. That doesn’t mean we aren’t incredible creations. We are complex and different and important. So go do that thing you have been wanting to do but haven’t simply because you don’t think you are good enough because simply put, that’s a lie.

I’m not writing this to tell you that you should love yourself. I’m writing this to tell you that you are CALLED to love yourself. You deserve to love yourself and sometimes we just need to be reminded of that.


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