Middle of the Story

I’m not good at waiting.

I some how start almost every post off with an accidental confession. Because I write when I need to tell myself what I need to hear, and what I need to rehear days, weeks, and months later. I then publish some of those confessions only because maybe if you’re reading this, you might need to hear it too.

If you skim Adulting Gracefully, you will find posts of different depths, tunes, perspectives all about the same problems. That’s because my battles aren’t solved with writing just one blog post, just like yours aren’t by reading just one blog post. One common thread throughout my writing is about keeping still, listening, waiting. Three things I fail at daily (and that’s okay!). But lately I’ve been bad at waiting.

No one likes to wait. We all know that. Sometimes we don’t like to wait because we think we can get the job done faster and make the decision better ourselves. Sometimes we don’t like to wait because we want instant gratification. Sometimes we don’t like to wait because we feel like no one else has to. (If that line just convicted you… same..)

We know the benefits of being patient. Of waiting for the right decision, of not rushing things, of doing the work instead of just trying to reap benefits. But our hearts long for perfection in an imperfect world. Sometimes it feels like patience is just not in my nature. And maybe you feel that way too.

So here’s what’s encouraged me lately. Stories of people like Tamar, Ruth, Jacob, and hundreds more. The bible is filled with stories of people who knew they had to wait and struggled with it. At the end, they are faced with a choice: to wait or give into the easy option of worry, anxiety, or instant gratification. But I’m a weirdo who likes the middle of bible stories more than the happy endings. There is a reassurance when you see these faithful followers of God struggle with being patient for the promises that were made to them.

So I guess that’s the whole point of this post, and this blog really. This is the middle of a girl’s story who sees the past knowing there’s better in the future, but is taking it one day at a time. So today the middle has consisted of struggling with being patient and sitting still by being content. Tomorrow’s middle will probably consist of 3 bags of Doritos and some other vices.

But I want to encourage everyone reading this that we are all in it together figuring out how to deal the with the things we struggle with. We are all in our middle and that’s okay. That’s the best part of the story anyways.

Quiet Echos

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Busyness: an admission not accomplisment

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There is conflict. Run. There is pain. Run. There is anger. Run. Run away from the emotions — from the discontentment. Be sure to run fast. Don’t let those emotions catch up. Run to the busyness. Run to the work. Run to into being productive to cancel out avoidance. Anyone ever hear these a version of

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Broken Hallelujahs

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Wasting Easter

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Next Best Thing

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The Beauty in Disagreeing

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I’m Not Creative

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