Gap Filler

Have you ever felt completely incompetent?

Odds are, if you are in leadership or ever been led, you’ve found yourself with a task staring you in the face that makes you question why it was given to you in the first place. It can leave you thinking ‘There’s no way I can finish this’ or ‘Someone else would be so much better at this’. But it’s the projects, meetings, and ideas that scare us the most that teach us the most.

It’s when we feel completely inexperienced that we are forced to lean on God. It’s easy to tell others that God will take care of us, but when we are in the trenches facing a hard conversation or a daunting project do we really believe it? Are we diving in head first knowing that if we work hard towards a project that is in God’s will that he will help us?

God is the ultimate gap filler. He’s the beginning and the end, but he is also the middle. He’s in the hard projects that are exhausting. He’s in the hours being poured into an idea that you aren’t even sure will work. He’s in the dream that he has given you to plant that Church or leave that job to start a new one.

He calls us to things according to His will not to leave us alone to survive on our own skills. He fills the gaps in deadlines, intelligence, strength, and insecurities. You most likely already know this, but knowing and believing are vastly different.

The difference between knowledge and belief is trust. Trust that God is who he says he is and maybe even harder to believe, God loves us as much as he says he does. So how do we start to believe that God will fill in the gaps when anxiety takes over?


  • Read truth over the lies. God loves making the seemingly weak be made strong through him. The bible is full of affirmations of who you are through him. He loves defeating Goliaths with Davids and the reading of constant reminders of that will equip you to fight off the insecurities.
  • Make a list of where God has showed up. We often forget where God has carried us through in the past. If he’s done it before, who are we to think he’s going to forget about us now? Making a list you can reread throughout the day will build your faith.
  • Talk it out. Find a trusted friend and talk about your insecurities. Often our worries seem so big and real in our head until we speak them out loud. A trusted friend can help you see that those fears are coming from the enemy instead of our Father.


We are human. We are going to feel like we are incapable throughout our life. We are going to wonder why God gave us a dream or project that seems impossible. But we are also sons and daughters of the King. We don’t have to try and fill the gaps because he will.


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