Work is hard. People Need to be Loved.

Almost two years into this post grad adulting life and I’ve learned a few key things.

Work is hard and people need to be loved. 

It’s such a stereotypical millennial statement to complain about working hard but I’m putting it out there not as a complaint but because far too often we pretend we have everything together. We pretend we can do it all and that balance is our middle name but the truth is that I don’t know one single person that thinks they are constantly giving all that they should to every area of their life.

Being an adult is straight up exhausting sometimes. Not because we are lazy or weak. Not because we work harder than the person next to us. Not because we are doing it wrong. It’s supposed to be hard.  But because we are trying to navigate how to love others and love ourselves while doing the right thing and living the life we are called. Sometimes it helps to recognize that that’s just plain hard.

We beat ourselves up for not cleaning our room after working all day because everyone else seems to manage to do it. We put ourselves down for not finishing that project the way we thought we would or contributing in that meeting like we thought we could.

We start to tie our self worth into our accomplishments which will ultimately let us down. I’m writing this to tell YOU that work is hard. It’s hard whether you are a teacher or a lawyer, a stay at home mom or a chef. It’s hard because we can never be 100% all the time.

So to the woman who is sitting on her couch making a todo list for tomorrow of all the things she didn’t get done today, put it down. Grab a glass of wine or chocolate milk (yes you can still drink chocolate milk at 24 okay?) and take a moment to write down the things you did do. Because at the end of the day, it is exactly what it is: the end of the day, not the end of the world. It’s okay if you didn’t do everything you wanted to do, or needed to do.

I’m writing this to remind you that work is hard and that people need to be loved. 

To me those two statements go hand in hand. The harder we work, the less time it seems that we have to extend grace and love to others easily. The longer our to do list, the more inconvenient people become. The more stressed we are, the more our actions require grace themselves.

If you’ve gotten this far in this post, you’re either my mom (hi mom I love you) or you have felt burnt out at least once in your life and are pumped someone is actually saying “me too” on the interweb. If you’ve felt burnt out or are feeling that right now, you probably haven’t been your best self to others.

This is your loving reminder from a girl who’s been there and is there a lot, that your stress does not have to inhibit your time to love others. Heck, if the only thing you did all day is treat others with love and kindness that’s a pretty good day in itself. Because guess what? Work is hard for everyone. Everyone feels like they aren’t measuring up in on way or another.

We need to give grace to ourselves when we can’t do it all but we also need to give others the same amount of grace. 

So while yes, life and work can really make you want to snap at someone, that doesn’t mean you have to. Just because you didn’t get everything done on your list that was marked as urgent doesn’t mean you failed at the day.

Work is hard and that’s okay.

People need to be loved and that’s most important.

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